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XX Platform is a system that combines a multifunctional cabinet with investment elements and a trading service with a set of analytical tools and an asset management program.
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More beneficial than Bitcoin
XX Platform is a system that combines a multifunctional cabinet with investment elements and a trading service with a set of analytical tools and an asset management program.
Safer than Altcoins
Most altcoins are worthless coins with no technology, no idea and no future. XXP is a native token of the investment trading platform and a tool for mutual settlements between investors and traders. And, accordingly, it has a fairly high level of liquidity and is a safe investment asset.
More prospective than Ethereum
In due time, Ethereum made a technological revolution in the crypto industry. It still remains one of the most prospective cryptocurrencies. However, ETH has an unlimited issue and its price has increased from $ 0.43 to $ 1,700 in the last 5 years, that's why the chances of further growth are significantly reduced. The issue of XXP is limited to 50 million and the price is at the only start of its journey.

How it works?

Step 1
You buy tokens XXP
Step 2
Place tokens on DPoS and earn up to 150% per year
Invest the received cryptocurrency in the project development and the creation of a Trading platform
Step 3
Use your XXP on the XX trading platform
Launch the XX trading platform.
The bridge between an investor and trader
Step 4
Get profit
Provide security and act as a guarantor with a minimum commission
Get clients and scope of work

How does XXP
DPoS Platform work?

List your coins on DPoS.
Get a reward for them.
% depends on the Amount and Time.
1000 XXP
30 d.
PROFIT 7.24%
1000 XXP
30 d.
PROFIT 8.91%
1000 XXP
30 d.
PROFIT 9.21%
No delegate
5% comission
XXP Delegate
5% comission
XXP Delegate
+ Reinvest
DPoS pool

How to buy XXP

Enter the XXP amount and select the purchase type
Click on the link and go to Coinbase service
Enter your personal data and select a payment option
Carry out the payment with the stated bank details
Wait for payment confirmation
Congratulations, you’ve become the owner of the XXP cryptocurrency!

Cryptocurrency or piramid?

  • Has a real digital Asset (coins or token with blockchain)
  • Get an Asset
  • Final Emission
  • Asset decentralization
  • Lack of referral schemes
  • Open communication, transparency
  • Technology inside
  • Has no real asset. Either an internal unit of account or a promise.
  • Get a promise
  • Constant fees and sales
  • Everything is controlled by the organizer
  • Multilevel referral programs
  • Lack of common chats, nontransparency
  • Marketing and promises

Advantages of cryptocurrency XXP

Purchase insurance system with a 100% refund
ХХР official token in the Tron network.
All transactions are recorded
on the Blockchain
ХХР was created in the crypto investment
market to solve the problems
of traditional investments.
High profitability
DPoS provides up
to 150% profit per year.
Halving & Helix
A smart economic model
that balances supply and demand.
You possess a real token which
you can transfer whenever
and to anyone you want.


36,000,000 XXP tokens are intended to pay rewards to investors in the form of interest rates from staking
The total emission of XXP cryptocurrency
is 50,000,000 tokens distributed on
8 special system wallets.

Road map

Q4 2020
  • Marketing activities in social media and on crypto forums
  • Smart contract publication on Tron Network
  • Start of the XXP token presale
  • Alpha version of the investment platform
  • XX Delegate system activation
Q1 2021
  • Official website presentation
  • Final stage of the XXP token presale
  • Bounty campaign
  • 1st stage of the trading platform development
  • Launch of the investment platform beta version
  • Release of the mobile application for Android
  • Listing on the crypto exchange
  • Participation in TOKEN2049 — The Premier Crypto
  • Event ln Asia
Q2 2021
  • 2rd stage of the trading platform development
  • lnvestment platform update
  • Start of linear token sales
  • Appearance on Coingecko
  • Launch of analytical service
  • Participation in Blockchain Life 2021 Forum
  • Start of token sales on the platform
  • Marketing campaign targeting the Asian region
  • Listing on the crypto exchange
  • Appearance on Coinmarketcap
Q3 2021
  • 3rd stage of the trading platform development
  • Participation in Singapore Blockchain Week 2021 (VC)
  • Website update
  • Release of the mobile application for iOS
  • Marketing campaign targeting Latin America and Spanish-speaking users
  • Participation in Malta Blockchain summit 2021 (BraziI)
Q4 2021
  • 4th stage of the trading platform development
  • lnvestment platform update
  • Marketing campaign targeting the North American market
  • Participation in Blockchain Expo — North America 2020 (VC)
  • Listing on the crypto exchange
  • Participation in Hackathon Human DeFi Haeck (VC)
  • Generation of the Roadmap for 2022
Q1 2022
  • 5th stage of the trading platform development
  • Deflationary mechanism activation
Yuriy Draganov
Founder of XX Platform
Professional trader, financial analyst.
8 years on the market.

The founder’s statement

Trading and investments are trending today. Thousands of stocks of various companies are represented on hundreds of markets... it is difficult to process such a volume of information even for professionals, and it is almost impossible for beginning traders or investors. Moreover, such activities take a lot of time and effort, and the results often leave much to be desired...
Therefore, we decided to create a platform that will allow you to succeed not wasting your time on reading economic and business reports. Surely you have neither the time nor the desire for this, and much “iron nerves”.
It is better to spend this time with your family, while the professionals from XX Platform will do everything on your behalf!

ХХР team

The project is being created involving an international team:
Yuriy Draganov
Founder XX Platform
Devgent company
Gunbounty company
Marketing support
Qwertydesign company
Design and decoration
Mediaband company
Video content

Rounds of sales

1$ * 750 000 XXP
1$ * 1 250 000 XXP


The XX Platform implements a system of delegated distribution of bets — XX Delegate.
Type 1
  • Commission size
    from 1% to 10%
  • Contract duration
    12 months
  • Automatic renewal
  • Deposit defrost
    33% every 12 months
  • Participation in conferences, meetups
  • Participation in voting
In order to create a Delegate account,
it is necessary to “freeze” 10,000 XXP tokens
and register in the user’s personal account.
The Delegate, being the creator of his staking pool, has the right to independently set the size of commissions on payments, the percentage of which can vary from 1% to 10%.